Saturday 25 June 2011

The importance of having the right Video driver that matches the Video Card on your PC or laptop

I had a customer call in and report that many of her applications were either not running correctly, were causing hanging, or were simply not running at all, and I know from this lady that she is unlikely to bring in malware (the first possible source of all this trouble), and right enough after checking her system it was clean from any malware..... 

Thursday 19 May 2011

Norton Virus - This is really the first true ANTI - antivirus I've ever come across!

I really think they should change the name of that (not-so) wonderful product owned by Smantec from "Norton Anti-virus" to "Norton Virus". I say this because on numerous occassions I have uploaded updates on PC's and various utilities, and on soooo many occassions a little utility called Norton Anti-virus security (or some such words) has crept in and is offering me free security, but if I want the real-deal I've got to pay them!.. Well if that is not (in essense) a virus, I don't know what is. Cause guess what!.. The first thing I do is remove it, and even then I get quizzed: "Are you absolutely sure you want to remove this wonderful protection system from your computer" (hey, don't quote me on the exact words but the essence of what they do is there!)

Sunday 27 March 2011

Free Software Versus purchased / paid for: Pros and cons?

One thing that has really amazed me in recent years is the blurring of quality between Free software, and those packages you pay for. In this blog, we are going to look at offerings on Office,  Desktop Publishing (DTP), Graphical design, CAD, and any other Genres that you the viewer of this site can suggest!. The idea here is to encourage our viewers to compile a general consensus on whether paid-for software is much better than free software, or in fact if the opposite may be true!. Lets forge ahead and find out!.