Tuesday 6 November 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Reviewed (9years on)

While installing a network server back in 2003. SBS 2003 at the time was just out, a new product, and it came with Sharepoint 2003, or I somehow ended up loading it as part of some promotion from Microsoft. Anyway, one of the company bosses had read the review on it at the time, and suggested I set it up for users and promote the concept, which I did. I spent weeks with various aspects of it, mainly working on an internal company "intranet" (as they were known at the time). The idea of the intranet site was that the company could share internal information and update it quickly and easily. However, after I'd completed it, it never really took off and lay there quickly becoming dated and something no one accessed any more over a number of months. I've heard many company executives talk about Sharepoint glowingly in the years since, so I decided to do a review of Sharepoint 2010 to see how it had grown/matured, as I wondered if it had suddenly become much more usable.

An overview described Sharepoint 2010 as a Platform of components that include the following areas covered by it:
- Sites
- Communities
- Content
- Search
- Composites
- Insights

I reviewed all of this information again, and of course nowadays there are many web tools that offer secuity for users within their sites to share information in whatever way they choose, and I'm thinking!!!*..   hmmm..   Haven't modern Sharepoint users ever heard of the INTERNET!!  :)

*Sure many of these tools didn't exist in 2003, so to me, Sharepoint made sense at the time..  Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?..