Wednesday 7 October 2020

Considering upgrading an old Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 Computer?

Many people are worried about upgrading old Computers (PCs/Laptops), because they fear they will lose information, or not be able to use their favourite Applications that they've been using for years. 

There are various work arounds to getting old programs to work on Windows 10, so it's often possible to do so, and this can be tested and verified even before you decide to upgrade. 

Tip re: Older Computers:   If you are storing valuable information, such as Photos, old programs you are still using, be careful how you use it: Do not use it for exploring the internet and downloading files you are not familiar with. Keep your Malware and AntiVirus apps up to date, and scan regularly.

 Feel free to contact us on issues relating to your particular concerns re: upgrading any Older Computers you may want to put some new life into. Email: or text/whatsapp 07456 238702

Why not also read article below re: Upgrading XP Computers, as similar rules apply also when upgrading from Windows 7 (or 8 / 8.1) to Windows 10