Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Considering upgrading an old Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 Computer?

Many people are worried about upgrading old Computers (PCs/Laptops), because they fear they will lose information, or not be able to use their favourite Applications that they've been using for years. 

There are various work arounds to getting old programs to work on Windows 10, so it's often possible to do so, and this can be tested and verified even before you decide to upgrade. 

Tip re: Older Computers:   If you are storing valuable information, such as Photos, old programs you are still using, be careful how you use it: Do not use it for exploring the internet and downloading files you are not familiar with. Keep your Malware and AntiVirus apps up to date, and scan regularly.

 Feel free to contact us on issues relating to your particular concerns re: upgrading any Older Computers you may want to put some new life into. Email: or text/whatsapp 07456 238702

Why not also read article below re: Upgrading XP Computers, as similar rules apply also when upgrading from Windows 7 (or 8 / 8.1) to Windows 10

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Windows XP Computer upgrade options

Many people are worried about upgrading old Office PC's or Laptops or systems running specialist software, such as remote control applications, CNC machine control systems etc., as to what they can do with the end of support for XP updates. Well here are some recommendations:

1. First of all if you have an old system, doing a purpose designed job and it is NOT in any way connected to the internet, you can just leave it alone and it will continue to run fine. The update problem only relates to Computers that are connected to the Internet (even if only on occasions), as these systems are prone to the traditional weakness that XP had inherited in it's day in respect to fending off unwanted threats.

2. OK, So you do connect to the internet on occasions. Then in this case you can upgrade to Windows 7 (or 8.*), and suddenly your fully protected again. What if your apps don't work on the new Operating system?: Well we can get around that too, as we can virtually get ALL apps working on Windows 7+, just contact us and we can do the rest. It is (sometimes "easily") possible to get the new system looking pretty identical to the old one, it's just a matter of configuring it correctly. You might not even have to purchase new equipment, as many older systems can be upgraded to accommodate the new Windows, so costs can be kept to a minimum as required.

3. Your a regular internet user, and you don't have much by way of Custom software etc..  Then it might be simpler to just replace your old XP machine with a new model, but often pays to contact us in this case too, as we can offer free advise on how best to do it, depending on what your circumstances are.  So why not email XL Computers at or phone us on +353 (0)91 770078, and we'll be only too happy to help. Look forward to chatting to you.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Item about "Info-Emails" (originally written: 27th Oct 2002)

Recently I was surprised to find a whole new plethora of useful information on the Internet, from websites I didn't know existed. However there is so much information out there, it's hard to know where to start.

One of our prime goals is to produce Info-Emails (Infomails) to our Subscribers that will help them find information that will be useful to them, or of general interest to them, just as you scan your local newspaper for information of interest only to YOU!.
It is important to note the distinction between these type of email and "Junk" mail, which is nuisance emails that have now become the scourge of the whole email system of transferring information to each other. We are totally opposed to the Junk mail culture that has prevailed recently, and in one of our coming Info-emails we intend to discuss this topic, and to shed some light on the do's and don'ts of setting up barriers to receiving junk mail. This (our inaugural Info-Email) will be dedicated to discussing Virus Protection, and some things we think are important in dealing with viruses.

Before going into this, I felt it important to further discuss the area of Infomails, and how this service came about. Many of our subscribers were having similar problems. e.g. Picking up the Same Viruses, and making the same mistakes in dealing with them, or having problems upgrading their Networks, the list goes on. Hence it seemed a good idea to set up and Info-email service, that will inform our subscribers of issues that may be important to them, and will help them work with the various aspects of information technology, that are complicated enough as it is. For a number of years now, I have been subscribing to various Infomail services,  such as getting a weekly E-zine (that's like an electronic weekly magazine), and every time I get these mails in my inbox, I do be looking forward to reading them. However, I hope that unlike me, you don't let these mails build up in your (say) E-zine folder, and then find you never had time to read them. However, I used to subscribe to a large number of periodical magazines (mainly monthly) such as (in the area of IT) PC World, PC Shopper, ComputerScope, Computer Weekly, Internet Now; And on the business side: The Economist, Management Today; And then of course there are the Daily and Sunday Newspapers, that I used to read religiously, which include, The Times, the Sunday Times, The Telegraph etc..

There used to be some pile of paper in the Bin each week (yuk.. how environmentally unpleasant). However, since moving to E-zines and Info-Emails,  I have found that it is much easier to be focussed on what you want to read, and because of the much lower cost of producing, and distributing them, you are also getting them for free (because of advertising sponsorship) or paying a very small price.

Hence I'm very excited about the concept of Info-Emails, and believe they have a bright future, and not just with this IT based information, the same is true of all other disciplines, and interest groups, so there will be a lot more valuable information on the way, and hopefully we can eliminate the junk.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Reviewed (9years on)

While installing a network server back in 2003. SBS 2003 at the time was just out, a new product, and it came with Sharepoint 2003, or I somehow ended up loading it as part of some promotion from Microsoft. Anyway, one of the company bosses had read the review on it at the time, and suggested I set it up for users and promote the concept, which I did. I spent weeks with various aspects of it, mainly working on an internal company "intranet" (as they were known at the time). The idea of the intranet site was that the company could share internal information and update it quickly and easily. However, after I'd completed it, it never really took off and lay there quickly becoming dated and something no one accessed any more over a number of months. I've heard many company executives talk about Sharepoint glowingly in the years since, so I decided to do a review of Sharepoint 2010 to see how it had grown/matured, as I wondered if it had suddenly become much more usable.

An overview described Sharepoint 2010 as a Platform of components that include the following areas covered by it:
- Sites
- Communities
- Content
- Search
- Composites
- Insights

I reviewed all of this information again, and of course nowadays there are many web tools that offer secuity for users within their sites to share information in whatever way they choose, and I'm thinking!!!*..   hmmm..   Haven't modern Sharepoint users ever heard of the INTERNET!!  :)

*Sure many of these tools didn't exist in 2003, so to me, Sharepoint made sense at the time..  Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?..

Monday, 10 September 2012

godaddy is currently down

We wish to apologise for our site ( going down today at just after 5.30pm. This is because our site is ultimately hosted by, and at this time, site has gone down world-wide, and will remain down until further notice. Reports from cbsnews report that godaddy was hacked : "Twitter accounts claiming to be associated with the hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack". We will post updates re: when normal site activity will resume as soon as we have that information available. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience this outage may (have) caused for any of our valued users and clients. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The importance of having the right Video driver that matches the Video Card on your PC or laptop

I had a customer call in and report that many of her applications were either not running correctly, were causing hanging, or were simply not running at all, and I know from this lady that she is unlikely to bring in malware (the first possible source of all this trouble), and right enough after checking her system it was clean from any malware..... 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Norton Virus - This is really the first true ANTI - antivirus I've ever come across!

I really think they should change the name of that (not-so) wonderful product owned by Smantec from "Norton Anti-virus" to "Norton Virus". I say this because on numerous occassions I have uploaded updates on PC's and various utilities, and on soooo many occassions a little utility called Norton Anti-virus security (or some such words) has crept in and is offering me free security, but if I want the real-deal I've got to pay them!.. Well if that is not (in essense) a virus, I don't know what is. Cause guess what!.. The first thing I do is remove it, and even then I get quizzed: "Are you absolutely sure you want to remove this wonderful protection system from your computer" (hey, don't quote me on the exact words but the essence of what they do is there!)