Saturday 8 May 2010

Acer Aspire 5520 Screen replacement job

We've replaced a screen on an Acer 5520 (original display badly cracked). Replacement screen was glossy (same as original one), and laptop looked really well with new screen.

Hope the laptop works well for you; We never found out how you broke it, but luckily, it didn't cost you a fortune to replace (as we had a replacement in stock). I think you'll agree that it was worth spending €150 on it, rather than dumping it, as you were implying you were thinking about doing!

By the way, when we have the relevant part in stock, we can generally be more flexible on the price of the job.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently have a significant stock of Laptop Screens in stock, so if you've broken your laptop LCD display, and you're looking to have a replacement fitted, it would be worth calling / contacting us.

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