Saturday 8 May 2010

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG: To post Individual Work / Job Logs

We thought we'd add individual jobs to our Blog posts in order to provide useful tips to many who experience similar issues, as well as providing our customers with the opportunity give us some constructive feedback on work completed,  and to help us to continue to set higher standards of service on an ongoing basis.

Please note that in order to protect customers privacy no information is released about the customer (unless, of course, the customer wishes this to be known, in which case they can add such info to the comments section). We believe we provide a professional service,  and at a very reasonable price (given the level of service provided). It is also important to point out (as I'm sure many service companies would agree), it is often impossible to establish a price for a job before doing the job, as it is largely unknown as to how much work will go into sorting out the issue in question. Hence, the variation in job costs is entirely related to the amount of work involved, as well as the current rate for the parts used in the job. We do try to provide the best estimate (where possible) to do a job, and this is sometimes guesswork, having not assessed the job (or after spending some money we can then determine the cost of completing the job).

Remember: Customer confidentiality is assured with us in regard to your data in particular, so no specific information will ever be released in this regard (unless authorised/requested/agreed by the customer). 

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